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Independent Funeral Celebrant

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What is a good Funeral?

A good funeral celebrates, and gives thanks for, a life. It is a fitting and respectful tribute which honours the person who has died and comforts those left behind.


A good funeral is as unique as the life lived. It reflects the beliefs and values of the deceased and gives comfort to the bereaved, making sense of their loss and giving them the chance to share treasured memories and special moments.



'Consciously remembering those who have died is the key that opens

the heart, that allows us to love them in new ways.'

Tom Attig (The Heart of Grief)


What is an Independent Funeral Celebrant?


Funerals can be hard to plan, particularly for those lost in the fog of grief, shock and emotion. An Independent Funeral Celebrant is an empathetic and organised professional, trained to plan, write and lead a memorable, personalised ceremony.


Independent Funeral Celebrants work with funeral directors and the bereaved to deliver something more individual than a traditional funeral service.


It can be completely secular or it can include spiritual or religious elements. It can take place at a crematorium, at the graveside or at an independent burial ground. It can include as much - or as little - participation from family and friends as you wish.


An Independent Funeral Celebrant works WITH you and FOR you to make sure that your loved one receives a specially-tailored funeral ceremony, one which honours their life and reflects the memories and emotions of those left behind.



'What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose.

All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.'

Helen Keller


A personalised, thoughtfully-created ceremony to commemorate and honour a life in the most appropriate way.